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EMMR Volunteers Receive Recognition from Adams County Trout Unlimited #323

Dear Latimore Valley Fairgrounds Committee & Staff,

As I view back in our chapter’s history, I found that we started our stream restoration project on Latimore Creek after a problem developed with a neighbor with flooding in his basement in January 2001. Within a week, the chapter had stone delivered to prevent the water from entering his basement. It wasn’t long after this project, the TU chapter volunteers were called upon to help rebuild the lower bridge going into the park at the race track.

In May of 2001, the chapter began with a restoration plan to rebuild streambanks using the PFBC best habitat practices. In 2002, the chapter began installing tip log-deflectors and reshaping the location of the concrete  slabs  while rebuilding the  handicap  ramp in the  kids only section of  stream. Also, trees were planted on the outside borders of the park. In 2003, more habitat structures were added in the kids only fishing section to hold more trout. New trout unlimited signs were installed at each end of the park. In 2004, the chapter held its first fishing derby on Latimore Creek. Also in 2004, the chapter poured a 20×30 concrete slab beside the bench in the kids fishing section. The chapter also re-stoned the streambank and added two more tip log deflectors to support existing logs.

Moving on to 2006, the chapter performed a massive stream restoration project on the lower end of Latimore Creek, installing instream logs and boulders, repairing bank erosion problems, and reseeding areas disrupted by equipment. Each year following 2004 the chapter held a kids fishing derby in early May.

Over the years, a new table top was installed along with new railings around the handicap ramp. While the restoration work was continued, the fishing derbies also continued each year.

In May 2019, six chapter members worked with Latimore Fairgrounds volunteers Joe Weaver and Barry Murphy to rebuild a bridge crossing over the stream. At first, most of us were thinking of a much smaller scale of a bridge walkway- then came Joe Weaver. This guy had talents much more than what any of us expected.

To pay someone to design and construct a bridge of this magnitude would be in the thousands of dollars.

My hats off to this small group of volunteers that constructed a beautiful, strong and safe bridge that will stand the test of time.

The Adams County Chapter of Trout Unlimited would like to present a check to the Latimore Fairgrounds Committee in honor of Joe Weaver and Barry Murphy for their dedication and persistence of constructing this bridge for the next generation of youth anglers and campers alike.

Thank You so much for your efforts,

Adams County Trout Unlimited Board of Trustees